5 Health Benefits of Swimming

In addition to being beneficial for our muscles and joints and giving us greater flexibility, swimming also improves coordination and favors our motor capacity.

Without a doubt, the health benefits of swimming are multiple. This is because swimming mainly involves the use of the limbs of the body, which has positive consequences.

5 Health Benefits of Swimming

When swimming, all muscle groups move incoordination, and resistance is improved. Today we will discover some health benefits of swimming that, for sure, you will be interested to know.

Health benefits of swimming

As the article Promotion of healthy lifestyles and prevention of chronic diseases in the elderly indicates, nothing can improve the quality of life.

Below, we will discover why this is so and the benefits that it not only brings to older people, but also to younger people. Exercising at least 30 minutes a day should be a daily habit.

1. Delays the aging process

The first of the benefits of swimming is that it helps delay aging. This does not mean that we do not, but it will prevent all the problems associated with it from taking time to appear.

Swimming will help us feel young for longer by preventing mobility, flexibility, and bone problems from manifesting prematurely.

2. It helps to increase our motor capacity

Thanks to the type of activity that has to be done when swimming, our body is more alert. This increases our motor capacity.

As we know, swimming involves coordinating our limbs and breathing. Also, swimming helps us to have a better balance and have a more efficient and faster reaction time.

3. Improve memory

Another benefit of swimming is that it improves our memory. This is due to the breathing exercises that are practiced when swimming, which helps to oxygenate the brain.

In addition, motor coordination favors our brain to have to create new neural ties.

4. Burns more calories

Being an extremely complete exercise, swimming is one of the best options to burn higher amounts of calories. Of course, this is because the water causes our limbs to make a greater effort to move.

This means that our muscles work five to six times more than when we run, for example. Swimming allows us to burn up to 600 calories in one hour, which is fantastic!

5. It makes our body more resistant

The fifth of the benefits of swimming is that it makes our body more resistant because, on the one hand, it helps us to develop a much greater lung capacity, acquiring a greater capacity for anaerobic resistance.

On the other hand, swimming has an impact on strengthening our bones, making our body in general much stronger. source: articlesonhealth.net

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