Choose the Ideal Hammer for Every Need

The hammer is one of the tools basic, useful, and indispensable for any manual work DIY and also has an infinite number of services.

Choose the Ideal Hammer for Every Need

However, in the hardware store there are hammers that are preferably used for specific tasks, for that reason, today you will be able to know the essential characteristics of these elements, the types, and their functions.


The hammer is used to rivet, chisel, emboss, flatten, among other tasks that vary depending on size, material or model.

Find out below the main types of hammers and the need that each one covers:

Nail hammers:
It is the most common class and has a fingernail or rock on one side and a square or round ring on the other. Curved nail hammers are ideal for removing nails, nails, or nuts. Those with a straight nail are used in construction and for demolishing plank-rock plates.

Ball peen hammers:
It is a combined tool of steel and wood or fiber handle, it has a cylindrical head and a flat hitting surface. These are used in mechanical sheet metal work or engineering. The ball end allows rivets to be removed and wood or wedges to be separated.

Drill hammers:
They are ideal for striking chisels and cutting cold. The striking face must be larger than that of the chisel.

The larger hammers support more force and have more resistance, while the smaller hammers are comfortable to use with small accessories such as bumpers and anchors, rivets, nails, and more.

Remember to use this item accompanied by gloves and transparent glasses, this way you will avoid leaks in the eyes or damage to the hands. source:

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