Letter from the Editor

It is no secret that members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have a peculiar outlook on life. This extends to our views on relationships, and especially marriages. While we use the world’s terminology, such as “falling in love,” we believe in so much more. The term “falling in love” implies an accident or something over which we have no control. It also has a corollary, very common in the world today, “falling out of love.”

Letter from the Editor

Our church leaders categorically reject the idea of “accidents” in relationships. Although we ask for divine help to guide us to a marriage partner, we have been well taught on how to make careful choices in our selection of a potential mate, and how to work diligently to improve whatever relationships we have.

Just as President Hinckley often said he got on his knees to pray for help, then got on his feet and got to work, we must do the same in relationships. We study scriptural counsel on love, marriage, and relationships, then we get on our feet and do something nice for our sweetheart.

What empowering doctrine! While we seek the Lord first and get the confirmation from the Holy Ghost, we are in charge of our efforts to build a strong marriage. Unfortunately, each party in a marriage has their agency, so we cannot always control the outcome. However, we know that we must make a concerted effort to continually build, and we will be blessed for every righteous effort. Hopefully, that blessing includes an eternal marriage of wedded bliss.

All the best,

Danielle Ellis


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