The Benefits of Sliding Windows and Doors

Learning to choose openings for the home can be a long and expensive process, that’s why we decided to share our experience in openings, helping you save time and money, without resigning comfort.

The Benefits of Sliding Windows and Doors

Space lovers

The sliding doors and windows will not invade an inch of your living room, and that is not a minor detail. They make the most of the interior of the home, providing an extra feeling of spaciousness and light.

In addition, keeping two rooms of the house together or divided, becomes practical and easy, if we put a sliding between them.

Everything in sight

They make a very attractive and attractive possibility: a sliding glass window can become a beautiful picture that shows the landscape or the view of the garden. These windows have the value of being the ones with the highest percentage of glass.

Decorative tip

Its double side allows you to choose different coatings for the interior and exterior, adapting to the setting we choose to decorate our home.


There are many myths regarding the disadvantages of these openings. And it is to mention that they cannot be opened at all, or that they are difficult to clean, they do not represent a disadvantage in all cases.

Insulating secrets

From GoodHomeIDS Its brushed edges are reputed not to be the most insulating, however current sliding systems have highly hermetic weatherstripping systems that maintain the temperature and acoustics of our favorite environments.

If we talk about choosing materials, they can be made of wood, PVC, or aluminum; the latter being the most used for their resistance, insulating power, and easy maintenance. In particular, aluminum allows highly effective insulation systems to be installed.

The most complete lines of Naos Aberturas have a Thermal Bridge Break (or RPT) system that provides the most suitable solution to avoid heat loss.

Good glass plays a key role in opening performance. Experts recommend the use of double glass, which gives it a high insulating power. And in conjunction with the RPT system, they do not let them fog up in times of low temperatures.

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